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Feb 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
the special fire tax. the request comes after reports that the california department of forest story placed $3.6 million into an off budget account. legislatureséaw@Ñ want prosecuts to great. >> they cannot put money into a secret fund have it administered off the state books for the country district attorney association. that is almost criminal. >> cal fire spokesman saying it was posted on thef#[?t transparency pub web site.f&lex >> there is more still to come tonight. just ahead silicon valley leads the way towards a national recovery but not without competition from the rest of the bay area. >> a look at process by the meat industry to tenderize beef. it's not without risk.z(rÑ >>> silicon valley helping to lead the rest of the country out of the great recession. a rrt shows 46,000 new businesses opened last year and 92,000 new jobs. one analyst says the value gee back to where it was before the dot com bust a dozen years ago. >> there is a big difference is where jobs are being created. silicon valley had bragging rights but now is getting competition from san francisco. our region is
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm PST
district promised to keep taxes low when building this high school in american canyon. >> our promise was to keep the tax bill at or below 39 we're able to accomplish that. >> there wasn't enough money to finish the project and traditional school bonds and allowing payments to be stretched out over a longer period but there is a price. one district a loan costs 23 times more than first borrowed. an investigation found state has some of the loosest rools in the nation. found 321 school zrekts used cabs. costing taxpayers nearly $22 billion. in southernup >> should school districts be making deals where there is a huge balloon payment on debt some day, they're not paying for it as they use the new facility. >> in the all districts swril huge balloon payments. still, some worry the burden of carrying the debt will catch up. >>ñr if you don't have money to pay for it maybe you should have toned it down a bit. >> scott andrews ran for the school board in 2009. >> in my eyes district is bankrupt already. they just don't know it. they haven't had to default on a payment yet. >> districts t
Feb 7, 2013 6:00pm PST
yogs a tax increase? next. >> and a campaign to curb gun violence through some of the toughest firearms restrictions. news at can 6:00 >>> the mayor of the bay area's largest city gives his state of the state city address in about 30 minutes. david louie is live with the preview of that for us. >> the mayor thinks residents might be willing to pay myer sales taxes if the money can go to hiring more police officers and restoring pay cuts. the reason is rising crime. >> san jose had four homicides so far this year. and a string of robberies. >> crime has gone up. it's scary. y know? thinking about safety of kids and everybody. >>ó) needs to be addressed. >> interest there is not enough offices to respond to calls when people are in danger. >> is that an issue that needs to be8 >> i think yes. everybody believe that's. >> the mayor won't disappoint and gave us a preview saying beefing up police will be a top priority. >> priority to restore capacity in the police department. we'll start working on that now with savings we should able to add officers but in the short run we need to retain
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3